Unit 3: Taking Care of the Earth

Gardening, different habitats and recycling are just a few things that are important to learn from a young age. These activities help children in a simple and entertaining way.

Plant and chop down trees to create wood that you can use to build houses, roads and renovate buildings. You can also create comic books and other fun stuff.

This memory game is very entertaining, print two copies, cut out following the dotted line and you have a game where you discover the pairs while you get to know different plants!

Travel the world to explore different environments including deserts of the Sahara, the Savannah, the rainforests of South America and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cute letter soups to keep your kids engaged, helping them develop vocabulary and spelling. They are also great for developing problem solving skills.

Have you ever tasted trash? Thought so, but for some, your old shoe box or your empty tin can, is yummie-yum! Meet our groovy recycling bins and feed them everyday garbage.

These games are super entertaining, children see a continent and then have to identify the wrong image in that group!

New Activities Every Week!

We know that education and fun at home are important on these days, we will be posting new activities every week.
Stay tuned!