Unit 1: STEM

Dive into the depths of the sea, blast off into outer space and see everything in between. Explore the world and beyond with these engaging STEM activities that reinforce problem solving and pattern recognition skills.

What can be more entertaining than a maze game? well, maybe three! Download and print these fun games and help your children develop critical thinking while they entertain themselves.

Thinkrolls Space is a child-friendly puzzle game that’s out of this world. Colorful heroes boldly roll where no Thinkroll has rolled before, in over 200 mazes set across seven unique planets.

Download and print these games for children to color and discover the differences between the images of the seabed. With these games they develop creativity and the ability to solve problems.

Solve puzzles to collect sushi recipes and upgrade the beautiful interior of your restaurant! Move the little chef all over the table to push every piece of sushi on the plate.

This memory game is very entertaining, print two copies, cut out following the dotted line and you have a game where you discover the pairs while you get to know different models of airplanes.

This app stimulates creative play where kids can create their own world and play freely. When they play in the world and solve missions they receive more elements to build with.

New Activities Every Week!

We know that education and fun at home are important on these days, we will be posting new activities every week.
Stay tuned!